Margot Gozoglu

Mini CV

In 2016 I graduated cum laude from the University of Groningen with a specialization in private law. During my study I have done several internships including the Public Prosecution Service, the court and at Dorhout Advocaten.

After my studies I worked for several years as a lawyer with the government, where I focused on the gas extraction and earthquake problem in the north of the Netherlands, and the liability and compensation law. In this position I have been involved in the development and implementation of a new policy and the preparation of legal advice. As a legal advisor, just as in the legal profession, the development of improvements and solutions is central.

In January 2019 I switched to the legal profession and since then I have been working at Dorhout Advocaten in general civil practice. Decisive action, carefulness and involvement are self-evident to me. I like to think along with you to find quick and practical solutions and thus achieve optimal results.


  • mr. M.C. Gozoglu, Aansprakelijkheid van de mijnbouwexploitant voor materiële schade ontstaan door gaswinningsactiviteiten, Den Haag: Boom juridisch 2017.

Additional activities

  • Member of the Rotaract Club Groningen.