Our people

All employees – Below you will find all our employees and their specializations.

Business law – As lawyers in business law, we assist entrepreneurs with advice and action. We know the practice, the traps and clauses in contract law and liability law, so we are able to work with you … Read more

Energy law – The term energy law covers various (legal) areas of both public and private law. Every energy source and every part of the energy chain – production, delivery and transport – has its own specific legal aspects and … Read more

Insolvency law – Our specialists in the field of insolvency are not only appointed by the court as trustees when a company goes bankrupt. You can also use them yourself to prevent you going bankrupt … Read more

Labour law – Our employment law lawyers are experts in the many disciplines of employment law. For example, it is important in labor law to arrive at a good written record of the rights and obligations that apply between the parties … Read more

Property law – At Dorhout we have specialist knowledge within real estate, construction and rental law. Ranging from civil construction law to easements and neighbor rights. Our specialists assess agreements, prepare them, give advice and … Read more