• Below a summary of the bankruptcies (and public liquidation reports) currently within our trust.
  • To submit your claim, please click “details” of the bankruptcy in question

For information regarding bankruptcies which have been completed, please contact via



Aannemersbedrijf Eurodam B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
1-HOUR SUPER PHOTO BVVeendamP. Lettingadetails
Banketfabriek Jac. Vegter B.V.HoogezandP. Lettingadetails
Camping De Papaver B.V.SellingenP. Lettingadetails
Central Industry Group N.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
CIG Equipment B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
CIG Onroerend Goed B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
CIG Shipbuilding B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
CMDV Holding B.V.OostwoldG.W. Breukerdetails
Coöperatie De Psych U.A.GroningenP. Lettingadetails
DE EENDRACHT BVAppingedamG.W. Breukerdetails
De Groninger Jongens B.V.DelfzijlG.W. Breukerdetails
Goldfish BVZoutkampP. Lettingadetails
Heiploeg Beheer BVZoutkampP. Lettingadetails
Heiploeg BVZoutkampP. Lettingadetails
Heiploeg Holding BVZoutkampP. Lettingadetails
Heiploeg Seafood BVZoutkampP. Lettingadetails
Heitrans BVZoutkampP. Lettingadetails
HMC Beveiligingen B.V.KolhamG.W. Breuker details
IJK Totaal Onderhoud BVBellingwoldeP. Lettingadetails
Intervak International B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
Jac. Vegter Beheer B.V.HoogezandP. Lettingadetails
Konstruktiebedrijf Coops en Nieborg B.V.HoogezandP. Lettingadetails
KRAL BEHEER BVGroningenP. Lettingadetails
KRAL HOLDING BVVeendamP. Lettingadetails
KRAL IMAGE CENTER BVVeendamP. Lettingadetails
KRAL SUPER PHOTO BVVeendamP. Lettingadetails
KRAL VASTGOED BVVeendamP. Lettingadetails
Marée Invest B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
Marée Shipfinance B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
Multiservice Noord Holding B.V.HoogezandP. Lettingadetails
Noord Zuid Beheer BVZoutkampP. Lettingadetails
SF Beheer BVGroningenP. Lettingadetails
Stichting De Gouden ProvinciesOnderdendamG.W. Breukerdetails
Van der Kamp Constructie B.V.BuitenpostG.W. Breukerdetails
Van der Kamp Machineverhuur B.V.BuitenpostG.W. Breukerdetails
Little Lovely Holding B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
A Little Lovely Company B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
Tiny Humans B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
Little Lovely Living B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails
Enfant du Soleil B.V.GroningenP. Lettingadetails
Groningen Containerverhuur B.V.AssenP. Lettingadetails
Zegeltet B.V.GroningenG.W. Breukerdetails

Curator and more

Suppose you are faced with the bankruptcy of a supplier or a customer. Or your company needs to reorganize. In such a case it is good to know that Dorhout Advocaten can assist you. Because of our extensive experience gained from all the activities conducted by our receivers (with their teams) in bankruptcies, we can offer you appropriate advice.

If you have any questions or want to know what we can do for you in this regard, please contact Gerard Breuker.

In connection with privacy, you will not find any reports on bankruptcy of natural (private) persons at “details”.


BroersmaP. Lettingadetails
HeijsG.W. Breukerdetails
MaasG.W. Breukerdetails
TerstallP. Lettingadetails