Marit Verwilligen

Marit Verwilligen

In januari 2021 heb ik mijn master Nederlands Recht behaald aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, met als specialisaties ondernemings- en privaatrecht. Naast mijn studie ben ik actief geweest binnen de Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Groningen en het S.G.O.R., daarnaast heb ik binnen de advocatuur stage gelopen. Als persoon ben ik sociaal, sportief en houd ik van uitdagingen. In […]

Margot Gozoglu

In 2016 I graduated cum laude from the University of Groningen with a specialization in private law. During my study I have done several internships including the Public Prosecution Service, the court and at Dorhout Advocaten. After my studies I worked for several years as a lawyer with the government, where I focused on the […]

Tim van Dijken

After completing my foundation course in Business Economics, I started studying Dutch Law at the University at Groningen in 2009. I received my bachelor’s degree with distinction, and a practice-based Togamaster degree (with a specialisation in company law). During the master’s degree programme, I completed a traineeship at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Zwolle, at […]

Rim Duinker

After completing the Business MER course at the Hanzehogeschool, I studied Dutch law (specializing in private law) at the University of Groningen in 2010. In addition to my law studies, I worked for a (legal) consultancy and research agency as a consultant. My tasks consisted in particular of advising government agencies with regard to their […]

Hans Koenders

After I completed the course in Property Brokerage at Hanzehogeschool in 1998, I successfully completed the abridged training in Dutch law (business law) in2002. Inthat same year I was sworn in as a lawyer and started to focus on various legal issues with regard to property, such as buying and selling property, tenancy law and […]

Gerard Breuker

MINI CV In 1990 I graduated from the University of Groningen. After completing my military service requirements at the 44th armoured infantry battalion in Zuidlaren, I started work as a lawyer in Leeuwarden in 1991, at the firm now named Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten. In 1994 I moved my practice to Groningen (Rollingswier Advocaten). In the […]

Wietze Kastelein

After completing my law studies at the University of Groningen, I worked for almost two years at the court in Groningen. In August 1989 I started working as a lawyer and since then I have been a lawyer at Dorhout Advocaten, where I joined the partnership in 1995. I have been a partner since Dorhout […]

Angela Melsen

Na afronding van de bachelor IT-recht, ben ik de praktijkgerichte Togamaster (specialisatie ondernemingsrecht en intellectueel eigendomsrecht) gaan volgen aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Deze master heb ik in 2020 cum laude afgerond. Tijdens mijn studie heb ik stagegelopen bij het Openbaar Ministerie in Groningen, de rechtbank in Zwolle en drie advocatenkantoren, waaronder Dorhout Advocaten. Verder maakte […]

Pieter Lettinga

In 1988 I graduated from the University of Groningen. After working as a corporate lawyer for a short time, I started working as an independent lawyer in 1990. After two mergers, the last one with Rollingswier Advocaten, I became a partner at Dorhout Advocaten NV. The fact that I am a businessman has also shaped […]


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