Vastgoed Dorhout Advocaten aangepast


Vastgoed Dorhout Advocaten aangepast

The property market has recently been very turbulent. The vacancy rate of offices in particular is increasing and the value of (business) property is decreasing, as is the number of transactions. There is talk of a real estate crisis. De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch Bank) even fears that this crisis could have greater consequences than just the euro crisis.

No wonder that property law receives a lot of attention and the legal development in this area has been significant in recent years. This also has to do with a changing society, for instance because of an ageing population, and with new forms of property development and realization.

Therefore, our property lawyers must come fully prepared. And they do. We have a thorough knowledge of the market at our disposal and thorough knowledge of the lease and sale of property (houses, shops, hotel and catering establishments and office space, houseboats, land, etc.).

Our expertise also includes:

–  Procurement Law

–  Construction Law

–  Expropriation Law

–  Area Development

–  Tenancy Law

–  Infrastructure

–  PPP (Public Private Partnership)

–  Project Development

–  Transactions (purchase and sale)

–  Property Law

We work for such people as project developers, contractors, authorities, housing corporations, property agents, corporate buyers, tenants and of course also for private persons.

Please contact Hans Koenders for questions about this sector.