Insolvency law

Our specialists in insolvency law are not only appointed by the court as a trustee when a company goes bankrupt. You can also engage them yourself to avoid bankruptcy.

Business is taking risks. This is not bad, but they should remain or be made manageable. If your company is in financial difficulties, we can advise you whether it is wise to continue the business.Sometimes it is advisable to liquidate the company and place your activities in a company to be incorporated. We give advice and support when you are confronted with defaulters or the bankruptcy of a customer or supplier. But even if you want to limit the risks of a proposed investment by for instance placing it in a separate company.

You can also engage us for such matters as:

  • Applying for your own bankruptcy or a moratorium
  • Debt restructuring
  • Survival scenarios in heavy weather
  • Resolving issues regarding liability of directors and auditors
  • Fast, effective assistance to ensure that receivables are paid

Please call or email Gerard Breuker if you have any questions about this.