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  • Below a summary of the bankruptcies (and public liquidation reports) currently within our trust.
  • To submit your claim, please click “details” of the bankruptcy in question

For information regarding bankruptcies which have been completed, please contact via


BedrijfsnaamPlaatsCurator Details
Van der Kamp Machineverhuur B.V.BuitenpostG.W. BreukerDetails
Vastgoud B.V.GroningenG.W. Breuker Details
Wendelin B.V.GroningenG.W. BreukerDetails
Zegeltet B.V.GroningenG.W. Breuker Details

In connection with privacy, you will not find any reports on bankruptcy of natural (private) persons at “details”.


PersoonsnaamCurator Details
BroersmaP. LettingaDetails
HeijsG.W. BreukerDetails